GCS900 2D for Dozer

GCS900 2D for Dozer Download 3.0 MB

GCS900 2D Grade Control System Cross-Slope and Elevation Control

The GCS900 2D Grade Control System is a highly flexible, cross slope and elevation control system designed to be used on motor graders for fine grading work. The GCS900 2D uses two AS400 angle sensors and one RS400 rotational sensor to calculate the cross slope of either side of the blade, as well as an LR410 laser receiver or an ST400 Sonic Tracer to provide elevation control. Using the ST300, the system allows stringline, previous pass, or curb and gutter tracing. Using one or two LR410 laser receivers, you can use the system for fine grading plane surfaces. The GCS900 system is ideal for applications with tight tolerances and finished grade work.

When you use the Control Box with the GCS900 2D system, you get software with a powerful range of features specifically designed for lift and/or tilt control on dozers and motor graders.


  • Small-to-Large Housing and Building Site Pads
  • Road Construction
  • Highway Construction and Maintenance
  • Runways
  • Embankments
  • Road Ditches
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