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The Trimble® CCSFlexTM Compaction Control System for asphalt compactors is an easy-to-use, reliable, flexible and affordable option to leverage compaction control technology and be more competitive.

The CCSFlex "in a case" system provides pass count mapping for asphalt compactors. Select the low cost "system in a case" solution and add sensors for increased system capabilities as needs change. CCSFlex is easy-to-use as you can operate without a GPS base station and without 3D design data. The system is installed as an aftermarket system, retrofitted onto any asphalt compactor with open or enclosed cab. Add-on options for temperature mapping and higher accuracy positioning are available.

Trimble CCSFlex Compaction Control System increases efficiency and produces a better quality mat. The CCSFlex system eliminates much of the guess work from asphalt paving operations. The CCSFlex pass count functionality increases efficiency and improves the quality of the mat and helps achieve more consistent compaction to target design density over the entire material layer. The operator will also be able to roll a more efficient pattern and can thus increase productivity and save fuel.

Features and Benefits

The reliable Trimble CCSFlex is affordable and offers high value for the investment.


Why CCSFlex?

Why it is important to you?

Easy use

Install and start working: No 3D design data or GPS reference stations required.

Ideal for rental machines

Quickly installed and removed on rental machines without damage to the machine.

Low cost of entry

The "system in a case" allows you to get into machine control at a very affordable price. Talk to your dealer today.

Increased productivity

Operators can compact more efficiently and quickly, reducing the number of unnecessary passes.

Real-time compaction progress

In-cab display provides visual feedback of the compacted surface and a printer can be added to provide in-field reports during the compaction process.

Increased quality

Achieve quality compaction through pass count mapping and record data for third party quality inspections.

Minimize downtime

Components are Trimble rugged and designed for the jobsite.



Designed for use on any size asphalt compactor from any manufacturer, the Trimble CCSFlex Compaction Control System can be installed on any compactor in your fleet. System components are designed for the hard construction environment. The CCSFlex is ideal for compaction applications where target pass count and ensuring uniform compaction coverage over the job site has to be achieved most efficiently - applications include:

  • Highways
  • Roads
  • Runways


The CCSFlex "system in a case" comes with everything you need to install and get up and running. In addition you can later add on the following additional components to expand your system capabilities.





Sub-meter level horizontal mapping using SBAS positioning

Asphalt compaction applications, where monitoring pass count mapping allows the contractor to run more efficiently, and where pass counts targets need to be met.




MS972 Options and SNM940 Connected Site Gateway

Accuracy levels ranging from standard to high precision, matching needs and budgets can be selected. Options include:

  • Location RTK with precise horizontal - ideal for applications where the horizontal accuracy needs to be 1-2cm
  • Full RTK - ideal for applications where a vertical GPS-RTK accuracy is required
  • GLONASS - ideal for application with more limited GNSS satellite reception


IS310 Compaction Sensor

Two IS310 Infrared Sensors can be added to measure the temperature of the mat at the time of compaction. CCSFlex graphically maps and displays temperature readings on the in-cab control box, indicating which areas should be compacted immediately and which should cool off before being compacted. High and low temperature warnings can also be configured to ensure the operator is alerted to any issues in real-time.


Third party printer


A mobile printer from a third-party can be added to the system to print the in-field report off the CCSFlex system.



Installation of the CCSFlex CompacControl System for asphalt compactors does not require welding or drilling. The system has been designed for quick installation and portability between compactors.

The CCSFlex is easily installed by you or your dealer in a couple of hours. Our SITECH® technology dealers provide you with professional training, support and service when you need it - at the time of purchase or 10 years later. You can count on Trimble and our SITECH Technology Dealers worldwide.


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