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The Trimble® GCSFlexTM Grade Control System for excavators is designed to meet the needs and budgets of owner operators and small to mid-sized contractors involved in a range of earthmoving. The rugged system is easy-to-install, easy-to-learn and easy-to-use. Using the GCSFlex more contractors can realize the business benefits of Trimble machine control technology to increase productivity and become more competitive.

The Trimble GCSFlex is highly flexible with standard sensor options that allow the contractor to easily use the system for a variety of job site tasks. Contractors can start with the low cost "system in a case" solution and add additional sensors for increased system capabilities as their needs change. Installation can be done by the contractor and typically takes less than a couple of hours-allowing the contractor to be up and running with the system very quickly. With a fast install time, no welding or drilling, the system is ideal for non-permanent installation on rental machines.

Features and Benefits

The reliable Trimble GCSFlex is affordable and offers high value for the investment.

Why GCSFlex?

Why it is important to you?

Easy installation

With no welding or drilling required you can install the system in a couple of hours and get up and running quickly. Especially important for rental machines!

Rugged and reliable

System components are designed for use in the harsh construction site environment for increased reliability and maximum uptime.

Low cost of entry

The "system in a case" allows you to get into machine grade at a very affordable price. Talk to your dealer today.

Flexibility to expand

As your needs change you can invest in additional sensors for increased system capabilities.

Color graphical display

A full-color graphical display with large icons and menu options provides easy viewing and guidance to grade.


Designed for small to mid-sized excavators, the Trimble GCSFlex Grade Control System can be used for a broad range of work including:

  • Trenching for underground utilities and pipelines
  • Digging footers and basements
  • Site prep on residential, commercial and industrial jobsites
  • Building roads
  • Mass excavation

Add on Sensors

In addition you can later add on the following additional components to expand your system capabilities.



HS410 Heading Sensor
The HS410 heading sensor provides you with a directional heading allowing the operator to rotate the machine while digging , maintaining accurate guidance and elevation control to the bucket teeth.


AS455 Tilt / Rotating Bucket Sensor
Designed for use with tilt buckets the AS455 Angle Sensor aids in providing accurate guidance for the bucket teeth when the bucket is tilted or rotated from normal.


Installation of the GCSFlex Grade Control System for excavators does not require welding or drilling. The system has been designed for quick installation and portability between machines.


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