Trimble Mobile Resource Management

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Trimble Mobile Resource Management

Driver Safety Overview

Trimble solutions help improve driving style, lower claims expense and protect the company's safety image. Our solutions provide companies with documentation of vehicle location to disprove invalid claims and reduce payout costs. They also help identify drivers who practice safe driving techniques as well as those who require coaching to improve safety habits.

Key Benefits

  • Measure driver safety scores for comprehensive safety programs
  • Identify and coach drivers who disproportionately contribute to fleet risk
  • Provide verifiable documentation for accident claims, disproving invalid claims and reducing claims costs
  • Improve your public image and your customer's perception of your safety habits
  • Increase driver safety score for comprehensive safety analysis
  • Reduce vehicle component wear and tear which lowers risk of mechanical related accidents

Business Intelligence Overview

Trimble solutions help deliver real-time business data across networks and applications to get companies the information needed to make intelligent business decisions. Our solutions automatically collect and collate the data required for key fleet metrics, so whether in the office or the field, employees can have real-time data wherever the decisions are made.

Key Benefits

  • Improve efficiency and timeliness of enterprise-wide information
  • Integrate fleet management data into back-office business software and analytical tools
  • Ensure data is available where decisions are made
  • Receive real-time data with dashboards and score cards
  • Automate reporting for key fleet metrics and targets
  • Improve field worker performance
  • Increase data communication between the office and field

Compliance Overview

Trimble solutions help companies comply with government regulations and corporate policies by automating compliance monitoring, data collection, paperwork and reducing incidents that may cause fines. Our solutions provide electronic logs that are immediately accessible in vehicle, then archived and available for reports.

Key Benefits

  • 30-90% reduction in time spent on paperwork and data entry
  • Provides electronic log of driver activities, available in the vehicle cab
  • Reduce supervisor time spent monitoring operations for compliance
  • Decrease administrative time spent collecting documentation for compliance audits
  • Reduce fines due to non-compliance
  • Provides documentation for government audit

Customer Satisfaction Overview

Trimble solutions help increase customer satisfaction by getting the right vehicles, workers and capabilities to the customer appointment on time. Our solutions help companies communicate more effectively with drivers and field technicians, reducing the number of late or missed appointments, increasing the first-time to fix performance and improving the company's overall customer service satisfaction.

Key Benefits

  • Increase on-time service delivery performance
  • Reduce customer loss due to missed appointment or delivery windows
  • Improve communication with customers and drivers about service call timing
  • Ensure workforce is appropriately prepared for each appointment or delivery
  • Reduce customer complaints for late or unprepared technicians
  • Improve company's reputation and word-of-mouth references
  • Increase first-time-fix performance
  • Alert customers pro-actively to schedule and delivery changes

Workflow Productivity Overview

Trimble solutions provide a clear understanding of what is happening in the field to help optimize scheduling, routing and job performance. Using our solutions, companies can get real-time statusing of field activity, receive arrival and departure status, navigate through the best route and communicate between the field and office, which enables companies to reduce expenses while increasing efficiency and number of jobs completed.

Key Benefits

  • Perform 10-30% more jobs per day
  • Improve dispatch efficiency by 20-60% with centralized dispatching
  • Increase productivity with intelligent, automated scheduling
  • Decrease drive time by 10-20% per job
  • Reduce overtime expenses by 10-70%
  • Improve payroll efficiency with automated time cards
  • Reduce repeated customer visits by sending the most efficient, best equipped technician to each job
  • Optimize and automate mobile work schedules

Fuel Cost Reduction Overview

Trimble solutions help lower fuel costs and increase efficiency by reducing unnecessary driving and reducing fuel theft. Using our solutions, companies can reduce engine idling time, improve driving style and improve vehicle mileage through better maintenance scheduling and vehicle performance.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce mileage by 10-30% through route optimization and improved driving directions
  • Improve MPG/KPG by 10-20% by curbing fuel wasting behavior such as speeding and jack-rabbit starts
  • Decrease vehicle idling times by 50-90% (1 hour idling equals 1 gallon or 4 liters of fuel)
  • Improve vehicle maintenance scheduling and performance
  • Discover and reduce fuel fraud
  • Reduce unauthorized vehicle use

Asset Utilization Overview

Trimble solutions help companies get the most value from their capital investments in vehicles and equipment by increasing productivity of assets and providing visibility into asset use for fleet and maintenance managers. Using vehicles and equipment efficiently helps make companies aware of how often and how long each vehicle or piece of equipment is used. Over time, asset utilization data can help companies decide whether they need to buy more or retain fewer assets.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce capital applied to equipment lease/purchase and operating expense
  • Optimize the use of vehicles and equipment needed to complete work efficiently
  • Automate vehicle maintenance tracking and notification for the entire fleet
  • Reduce unnecessary maintenance costs
  • Extend vehicle life time
  • Maximize capabilities of capital purchases
  • Ensure assets are used only for authorized purposes
  • Quickly recover stolen assets

Carbon Footprint Overview

Trimble solutions help companies achieve environmental sustainability and reduce their carbon footprint through a more efficient workforce. Our solutions help managers track vehicle routes to reduce distance driven, automate vehicle maintenance schedules for better vehicle performance, schedule employees efficiently to use fewer resources and provide fuel and carbon data to generate reports.

Key Benefits

  • Improve MPG/KPG by 10-20% by curbing fuel wasting behavior such as speeding and jack-rabbit starts
  • Reduce distance driven by 10-30% through route optimization and improved driving directions
  • Measure and calculate actual CO2 emissions
  • Reduce fuel through speed regulation, unauthorized vehicle use and improved vehicle maintenance
  • Automate vehicle maintenance schedules and notification to ensure optimal running conditions
  • Effectively schedule drivers and field technicians to use fewer resources and complete more jobs per day
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