Trimble GCS900 for Milling Machines

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With Trimble GCS900 Grade Control System on a milling machine, you can now mill surfaces at variable depth and slope without stringlines. Controlling the precise cutting depth of the mill minimizes over-cutting, creates a smoother surface and reduces the need for additional costly asphalt or concrete material in the ensuing re-paving process.

Once the subsurface has been milled accurately to design, the ensuing paving or grading operation will save asphalt or other overlay material and create a smoother road. Controlling the cutting depth can also reduce the number of passes required of the mill, reducing the need for subsequent grading or milling work and reducing wear on the milling machine or grader blade. More efficient use of the mill in the first pass also means the machine can be moved to the next site quicker and used to its maximum profitability.

Improve Material Usage and Profitability

Around the world, government agencies typically specify milling as a fixed depth cut... and any improvements to road smoothness are left to the paver to fix. Now, with the precision of Trimble 3D milling, contractors can perform surface profiling that provides several benefits:

  • Smoother roads - 3D milling allows contractors to mill out the existing undulations in the road surface, creating a smoother surface for paving and a higher smoothness index in the finished product.
  • Higher productivity - production increases of 100% are possible by only milling the higher spots and leaving correct grade in place.
  • Less asphalt usage - construction cost are reduced since less material needs to be taken off. In addition, less asphalt needs to be used for the final surface... further reducing costs.
  • Shorter lane shutdowns - an important side benefit to the higher productivity of 3D milling and paving solutions is the decreased time to completion... and that makes everyone happy.
  • Mill complex designs - variable depth and slope milling enables milling of transitions, super-elevated curves, variable drainage slopes and longitudinal waves... without re-work!

Contractors can utilize key Trimble machine control components on milling machines - allowing both new and existing users to realize a higher and more rapid return on their investment in technology.

The Trimble SPS Series Universal Total Station is ideal for either high accuracy work or operating in areas with limited or no GPS coverage, for example in tunnels and around trees or where material lifts are required to be monitored with very high accuracy. The rugged Trimble MT900 Machine Target and on-machine sensor components are built Trimble tough to withstand the heavy vibration often experienced when milling rock or existing concrete surface.

The Trimble 3D Milling System uses the same main components as the GCS900 Grade Control System; the SPS930 Universal Total Station, MT900 active tracking target and CB430 Control Box.

The Universal Total Station is ideal for milling solutions for several reasons:

  • Best accuracy - every millimeter saved reduces the milling and paving cost substantially
  • Flexibility - you can work on sites where the GPS is obstructed (overpasses, trees, tunnels, buildings)
  • High return on investment - precise surveying and machine control work can be done with one instrument
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