Business Centre - Heavy Construction Edition

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Trimble® Business Center - Heavy Construction Edition (HCE) software is ideal for construction data preparation and managing the provision of data to and from construction field crews.

Trimble Business Center - HCE puts emphasis on the efficient management of data for multiple field crews operating on a single job site at any time. Using Trimble Business Center - HCE, contractors can import, review and analyze digital design information and easily assign, manage and track that information through the lifetime of a construction project.


Key features include:

  • Reliable digital design data import from multiple data sources
  • Graphical visualization of design data and field measurement records
  • Automated routing of data to and from controllers and that the field and office are always working from the same data sets
  • Automatic detection of data discrepancies between site controllers and the Trimble Business Center - HCE project files, with immediate prompt for resolution
  • Earthwork material volume computations and high quality, easily understood reports
  • Intuitive user interface offers built-in feedback and tooltips for new users



The easy-to-use graphical Business Center - HCE is ideal for preparation and management of data for heavy and highway construction projects.

  • Prepare data and designs for construction projects
  • Manage data for machine control, paving control and site positioning systems
  • Route data to and from machine operators and field crews
  • Track data and perform quality control
  • Analyze site activity and productivity

The Core Product for field data management and transfer is available as a free download. Add-on modules extend the functionality of the Core Product and are available for puchase from your local dealer

Field Data

Managing your field data has never been easier with Business Center - HCE. Designed to enable a seamless flow of information, Business Center - HCE includes these features:

  • Data management for Trimble SCS900 Site Controller Software, Trimble GCS900 and Cat® AccuGradeTM Grade Control Systems, and Trimble PCS900 Paving Control System.
  • Basic data preparation tools for the creation of 3D construction models
  • Visualization and validation of data
  • Import data from a wide variety of third party systems
  • Monitor and document field measurements of construction progress, including formation of work-in-progress surfaces, volume computations and stockpile monitoring.

Software needed for this functionality: Core Product


Data Review

 Enhanced tools for Site Data Managers and GPS Managers give you the ability to select, create, edit and draft data, as well as generate reports and plots or publish information.

  • Select, create, edit and draft data
  • Generate reports and plots
  • Publish information

Software needed for this functionality: Core Product

Data Prep

Efficient construction operations begin with accurate data preparation. Business Center - HCE helps ensure data is clean, up-to-date and delivered in the right format to get the job done.

  • Clean up and validation of imported CAD data
  • Elevate contours, pads, lines, utilities using automated tools
  • Advanced surface modeling
  • Creation of linear corridor models complete with subgrades
  • Create cut/fill maps with user-defined shading schemes, daylight line display, labeled cut fill depths, depth contours and legend.

Module needed for this functionality: Data Prep
Optional modules: Image Manager, Surface Tools



Business Center - HCE gives you the tools you need to prepare your bids in half the time with expanded detail and sharper accuracy-allowing you to win more business.

  • Import CAD files, digitize paper plans or use existing files
  • Heads-up, on-screen digitization of plan or cross-section images
  • Categorize imported CAD layers
  • Create materials and site improvement libraries
  • Assign topsoil stripping and replacement areas
  • Create subsurface strata layers and enter drillhole information
  • Assign site improvements to CAD data to compute demolition, subgrade and material quantities
  • Create cut/fill maps with user-defined shading schemes, daylight line display, labeled cut fill depths, depth contours and legend
  • Apply overexcavation details to applicable areas
  • Create material quantity takeoff reports complete with bid pricing

Modules needed for this functionality: Takeoff
Optional modules: Image Manager, Surface Tools, Data Prep



  • Data preparation and material quantities takeoff
  • Field Data, Data Prep and Takeoff capabilities
  • Manage and georeference aerial imagery for projects

Construction Plus Survey

  • Complete toolkit for survey and construction
  • Total station raw data, traverse/network adjustment
  • Digital level run processing and level loop closures
  • GNSS raw data post-processing and network adjustment
  • Coordinate geodedic systems, projections and datums

Modules needed for this functionality: Data Prep, Takeoff, Surface Tools, Image Manager, Road Takeoff Tools, GNSS and total Station Processing

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