Trimble TCA1 Controller

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Trimble TCA1 Controller

Optimized for site reconnaissance, site management, and site inspection, the Trimble® TCA1 is a pocket-sized controller featuring onboard GPS, wireless communications, a camera, and the Trimble SCS700 Site Controller Software.

Site inspectors can leverage the built-in camera, bar code scanner, GPS and measurement functions of SCS700 to record important information such as material type or condition, photos, date and time.

Contractors can also use the TCA1 to send and receive emails, make phone calls and synchronize data with the Connected Community. Users can stay connected and work faster, increasing their efficiency and productivity.

Site inspectors and projects managers can immediately connect to the office for on-the-spot approvals and for communicating changes to field crews. With instant Internet access from the construction site, there is no more delay associated with driving data to and from the office and field. And there is no need to take multiple devices into the field or pay for multiple separate cell phones and data subscriptions.

Use the Trimble TCA1 to:

  • Record site issues with photos that reference the 3D design
  • Navigate to points of interest, lines, roads
  • Reference grade checks
  • Manage utilities or inventory with barcodes
  • Query designs, distances, areas, and slopes
  • Document as-builts for insurance claims

Features & Benefits of the TCA1 for Site Measurement and Connectivity

Why the technology?

Why it is important to you

Integrated GPS and 3.1 MP camera

Allow you to record site issues and send a geotagged photograph and location back to the office. Take action immediately to remedy the situation in the most efficient manner, thus reducing waste of materials and labor.

In-built cell and modem

Transfer data to/from the office for immediate documentation and approvals. Eliminate the delay of driving data back and forth from the office.

Barcode scanner

Makes it easy to manage inventory and its location on the jobsite.

Long life battery

Ensures a full day of connected site operation. No need to swap batteries or re-charge to get through the workday.

Rugged and lightweight form factor

Built Trimble tough, but lightweight and compact enough to be carried in your pocket.

Trimble SCS700 Site Controller Software

Follows the data and workflow needs of site inspectors and geotechnical engineers, while leveraging the same designs used by site engineers, grade checkers, and supervisors on the job site.


TCA1 Enables More Professionals on the Jobsite

The TCA1 provides access to the same digital designs as those used by construction field crews and machines, but in a format that is targeted for the needs of site inspectors and project managers. Having the design at your fingertips allows for instant design checks, visualization of project models and for decisions to be made in real time. Trimble SCS700 Site Controller Software provides a structured means of recording site data complete with notes, photographs and other attributes. When combined with an RTK rover, the TCA1 is also capable of highly accurate site inspection, site measurement and as-builts.

The 3.1MP camera and internal GPS can be used to record site issues and send a photograph and location back to the office. This enables action to be taken immediately to remedy the situation in the most efficient manner, thus reducing waste of materials and labor.


TCA1 Controller Specifications

The TCA1 comes standard with Trimble SCS700 Site Controller Software and offers the following other hardware specifications:

  • Weight of just 340g (12oz)
  • IP54 rating and drop spec of 1.5m (5ft)
  • Standard extended life battery for all day operation
  • Bright 3.5 inch QVGA screen for easy outdoor use
  • ARM11@528 MHz processor
  • 256MB RAM
  • Windows Mobile 6.1
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

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