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The Connected Community service enables construction businesses to manage and share information via their own unique web site, connecting the office to the field. Ideal for organization and project management, the Connected Community introduces communication and collaboration capabilities to significantly increase efficiency and productivity.

By hosting all of an organization's information centrally, the Connected Community is able to do what no other information management system in the construction industry can - it connects people, devices and systems.

Each organization can grant access to internal and external users. For example, a contractor may set up varying levels of access to project partners or guests such as engineers, sub-contractors, suppliers, head office, and clients. Members can then communicate and collaborate instantly regardless of their location.

Increased visibility and transparency put you in complete control of every aspect of your construction operations - you are no longer subject to the problems associated with remoteness from a project and unreliable data and information. With the Connected Community you can ensure maximum productivity at all times.

Key Benefits

Ideal for organization and project management, Connected Community introduces communication and collaboration capabilities to significantly increase efficiency and productivity.

  • Reduce or eliminate field to office drive-time
  • Information accessible by members anywhere, anytime
  • Project progress and site activity tracked in real-time
  • Secure online storage of all organization and project information


All you need is a Connected Community subscription plan to start efficiently managing your entire operation. Stop wasting valuable hours driving out to job sites and start supervising your crew, devices and sites from the office.

  • Connecting field and office with real-time information and 2-way data syncing
  • Data visualization
  • Online collaboration
  • Centralized data management
  • Comprehensive security
  • Legal documentation

The Connected Community features advanced online communication tools, including:


---Keep your project updated with the latest information

Business Center

---View 3D files from Business Center - HCE


---Create a master calendar to track everything - and everyone - involved with your project


---Make managing and sharing projects data easier with files in a secure, central location


---Hold online discussions - and get answers - on forums

Geo Picture Viewer

---Make site photos come alive in real-time and place them against a map backdrop


---A virtual sticky note that adds text, pictures and links to a site page

RSS Viewer

---Get the latest news and headlines from around the world

Site Camera

---Know where projects stand with up-to-the-minute visual reporting

Visual Organizer

---Layer and interact with maps, weather, pictures, resources and diagram


---Get U.S. weather forecasts and current conditions, view radar and satellites maps


---Instantly integrate other websites into your site


---Bring knowledge together in one place



Comprehensive Security

• Data is securely hosted

• Authentication prevents unauthorized access

• Secure Internet log-in

• Encrypted data transmission ensures your data stays secure even while in transit

• Disaster recovery

• Unlimited data retention and upgradeable storage plans

• Data back-up for your business servers



Legal Documentation

• Document on-the-job incidents or insurance claims with related images

• Clear paper trails for OSHA requirements

• Record material specifications and report material deficiencies

• Documentation at your fingertips


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